Auto Battery

Batteries for Cranking application of Heavy duty vehicle like Volvo Bus, Goods Vehicle and DG set required reliable High Rate with long life performance battery.

At present lead acid batteries have limitation in the high rate discharge performance. Gayathri Batteries Private Limited (GBPL) filling the void for the reliable high discharge performance batteries.
GBPL uses the time tested; proven rugged Nickel Cadmium technology for its engine starting application batteries.

GBPL can deliver a current six times more than its rated ampere-hour for starting purpose with the life of three times more than lead acid batteries is a big saving in running cost of your vehicle/DG set.

GBPL developed the mono block 12V Nickel Cadmium battery for the first time in india to derive the advantages of Nickel Cadmium technology at a affordable cost.

  • Long and reliable service cyclic life
  • Unmatchable High rate discharge capability for this application
  • Withstand electrical abuse like high ripple content, deep discharging & overcharging
  • Very less topping up frequency hence less maintenance cost.
  • wide operating temp range -20° C to 50°C
  • No risk of sudden death
  • No plate degradation or sulphation use of pocket plate technology ensures plate withstand Indian condition and give long life.
  • Rugged construction with POLYPROPYLENE container can withstand operation conditions like vibration& jerk.
  • Can operate in a erratic charging condition like with less charging
  • Electrochemically stable during charging/discharging
  • Electrolyte level visibility is good due to translucent polypropylene container
Battery Type Capacity @ C/5 Rate Dimensions Filled weight Nominal volts(V) Charging Current Minimum in Amps Electrolyte level indicator
Length Width Height  
GNHP620 62 480 195 295 35 12 6.2 Provided
GNHP720 72 480 195 295 37 12 7.2 Provided
GNHP830 83 480 195 295 39 12 8.3 Provided
GNHP1040 104 480 195 295 41 12 10.4 Provided

Battery Type Cranking Current
1.05 Volt 1 Volt 0.85 Volt
GNHP620 413 479 720
GNHP720 479 556 836
GNHP830 553 640 964
GNHP1040 693 810 1200