About Us

Gaythri Batteries Private Limited started manufacturing Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate Cell battery at Bangalore in 2012 with the goal of having only zero defect & reliable product in portfolio.

Management Team
The core team of GBPL have worked in the industry with combined more work experience in various aspect of the Battery industry.

Our Background in Nickel Cadmium Battery Industry
Pocket plate Nickel Cadmium industrial battery usages in India are three decades old. Initially it was used in offshore application like GAIL Pipeline, Petrochemical industries and refineries off late the usages had spread out to power sector.
During this period our core team of GBPL was working in the Nickel Cadmium industry, played a major role in various aspects of this industry requirement like Design, Manufacturing, Quality, Marketing and Servicing. The experience was painful and interesting for sometimes, but one thing the team understood was the battery where the Nickel Cadmium is used is very critical in the sense, product and service should be top notch in quality and should have at least fifteen year life with reliable performance.

How do we do?
The critical raw material for Pocket Plate Nickel Cadmium battery are imported strip and active mass.

The state of art plant has latest technology for manufacturing plates andĀ for cell sealing.